Adempiere Customization in India
SODTech brings the best practices in ADempiere ERP Solutions in India by effective consulting and superior understanding of customer needs. This Complete Solution is tailored to meet the needs of every company. With a unique combination of consulting and superior delivery skills, the customer is assured of the APICS best practices in the industry backed by superior technology from ADempiere ERP Solutions in India. SODTech brings true value to customer and helps realize their higher return on investments through a consultative implementation approach. This ensures that the total solution provided by SODTech addresses the core issues of the organization.
Adempiere ERP Solutions for Efficient Business An enterprise resource planning system which is shortly known as ERP allows an organization to achieve goals by improving the efficiency levels. It is an ideal one for small, medium and large size companies for planning various functions. ERP is a software system that serves as a backbone in your business to track financials, human resources data and manufacturing information.
With ERP, you can be able to integrate operations into a single real time system which helps to reach all departments and sites. Implementing enterprise resource planning applications may bring significant changes in your business or organization to gain major benefits.
The main advantage of this software is that it provides methods for storing and retrieving information of every department by addressing your exact needs. Moreover, you can solve a number of problems to run a successful business. ERP is a suitable one for cutting down your maintenance costs and saving valuable time.
Adempiere Customization in India
Adempiere is ERP software released under an open software license. Our product is built with Java EE technologies which provide many features for your business. We help to increase your productivity levels in your organization to obtain cutting edge results. While using Adempiere, you pay only for the add value services required to develop your business.
In addition, you can plan your future growth with our software to by meeting essential requirements. Experienced teams will show ways for having a complete control over your company to deal with complex issues. Our ERP solutions are a perfect one for your business or organization to ensure better outcomes by reducing expenditures. Also, you can manage day to day process with our software to plan activities and tasks in an effective manner.
Adempiere ERP modules can be used for sales, procurement, manufacturing, human resource, logistics, construction, project management and POS purposes to achieve goals. You can be able to generate reports in different formats quickly with our tools. Another important thing is you can make changes in them depending on your needs. Reports can be viewed on screen before sending it to a printer, an email or fax address.
SODTECH customization ERP will give several advantages for your business or organization.
Features of Customized Adempiere are as follows:
  • It covers all the requirements of any business to maintain standards.
  • Helps you to run current business processes smoothly
  • Enhances your business functionality such as Customer relationship management (CRM), integrated web store, Supply chain management (SCM), financial resource analysis and more.
  • Covers multi language, multi costing, multi tax and multi accounting features
  • Covers multi language, multi costing, multi tax and multi accounting features
  • Platform extendable, touchable, callable and self installable
  • Maintaining your transaction and documents
  • Financial and management accounting
  • Paying suppliers and collecting debts
  • Reporting for other regulatory bodies
  • Materials requirement planning
  • Recording orders in your sales
  • Issuing a purchase order
  • Tracking inventory
  • Payroll concepts
  • Quality management
  • Stock movements
  • Less expensive
  • Shipping

ADempiere Solution at SODTECH India
We offer quick quotes for choosing our software that suits your business. Our software makes feasible ways for maintaining accuracy levels by reducing mistakes and errors. You can also plan marketing strategies with our tools to ensure progress and growth rates.

ERP system helps for a complete visibility of all the important process in various departments. Adempiere ERP software is a perfect one for your business to make changes according to needs. During the system implementation process, we guide and train our clients to give them knowledge. This will be extremely useful for managing resources, finances, customers and other issues. In fact, we help business companies to gain a competitive edge within the growing economy.

Business firms and other organizations can contact our technical teams for gathering more information about ERP software. Satisfaction guarantee is the primary objective of our company while delivering services to clients.

iDempiere is an excellent tool for management.
“SODTECH has developed a fully customized Contract Management Module in iDempiere ERP for us and it has brought great flexibility and efficiency for our business.”

~ Balkishan Chandak

iDempiere is an excellent tool for management.
We have got a very positive response from our customers. Our customers are able to access all relevant information’s, tasks and business process from a single in a single overview.”

~ Faizal M Khalid

I highly recommend ADempiere, which presented our organization with a powerful system that helped our business to manage data efficiently, by combining ERP, CRM and SCM. A very positive experience...!”

~ Raid Al Jamali, General Manager
Aquarius Trade and Cont LLC, Saudi Arabia

ADempiere allows us to build an interface which is custom made for the work done by the employee. It helps them to stay focused in the tasks allocated to them. The employee is not distracted by the other functionalities in the system.”

~ Vishnu.R, Managing Director
Spark MediTech

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