Choosing between the Proprietary ERP and the Open Source ERP

The decision to choose between the licensed ERP software and the open source ERP is a tough one to take. More so, when the business is embracing the ERP POS solutions for the first time. A licensed and proprietary ERP software may come with added features but a business must look into the scalability and usability factor of a software. If a business is not using all the features a software has to present, then the license costs and upgrade costs are wasted each year. Listed below are a few important factors which help make the right decision.

The quality of Software

The open source software is rated better when it comes to code quality because only passionate software coding developers work on it. The myth that paid software codes are better in quality needs to be dispelled. Also, availability of more choices in open source ERP software ensures there is competition in this field and hence improves the quality. There are many licensed ERP software suites which are not as user-friendly as a new entrant to the open source ERP software. As a responsible business owner, understanding the business needs from a software helps one be a good judge of software quality.

Update and Enhancement Options

A software is effective only if it offers room for updates and enhancements. While a proprietary software does not guarantee this, the open source software is worked on constantly for upgrades. The bug fixing in open source software is quicker when compared to the licensed software. Checking for the frequency of the enhancements and upgrades to the licensed software is a good method to rate it. When one compares this frequency with the open-source counterparts, arriving at the right decision is easy.

End-user Convenience

An ERP software which moulds itself towards a business need is always a better choice. Going for the paid software packages just because one wants to integrate high-end user tools into the business is not always a good decision. The open-source ERP solutions have earned a reputation for being the user-friendly software. The learning curve for using a new open-source ERP software is far more shorter when compared to the sophisticated licensed counterparts. The feature of customization is what makes the open-source solutions a popular choice for business process automation. As a learned business owner, the end-user interface of the ERP software and the ease of learning are also two important factors to consider when choosing the software.

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