Digital Marketing for your business

In today’s generation many companies still believe that they do not need digital marketing to be successful. The one thing these companies do not realize that your growth and revenue may grow, but your customer will slowly move away to other areas to source their requirement. To be precise it will be Internet, the real, virtual world of information. We know  the internet has the ability to influence the buying decision, and when companies misses out on that front their business takes a dip, besides losing customers.A well-planned digital marketing strategy is more likely to benefit all companies big or small. In this section, SOD Technologies will highlight some of the best practices that we can use in digital marketing. We are sure that by closely analyzing the situation we will be able to strategically better your position against your competitors and bring results in the market.

As in all business, we do design a well defined strategy before we plunge into the market. Similarly in digital marketing, before we create a Facebook group, Twitter or YouTube video, we have to sit down and brainstorm, which mode will be the best for your business.

Let’s sort and target your customers on how we can solve their problems,

  • Your target customer & the problems you are solving
  • Distinguish your branding plan
  • Customer appraisal
  • Competitive analysis & timeline
  • Your tactical plan
  • Feedback and comments

Once you have figured out the above you can begin to think about which marketing channels will be best.

Spot your customers Again, as in all business we should pick out prospective customers and target them. This will allow us to concentrate on a customer or service, and instantly we can develop which customer should be potential. Unfortunately, many companies approach this on a wrong foot.  In an effort not to leave out any potential revenue, a common mistake that many companies do is to define their objectives by an array of values and features.  For instance, a company with a $10 million turnover in the business of selling gadgets and accessories will be least considered. This is wrong because you know market or business is never consistent.

The digital media need numerous sets of knowledge, such as technical, creative, strategy and business knowledge. Another issue is that there are many conditions related with digital media, and most providers do not have knowledge of the complete marketing process. This leads to a divided approach where several suppliers are not always functioning together. The correct way to do targeting is to constrict it down to one individual target, in every market section, and so narrate the story of this individual, thus targeting becomes paramount.

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