Facebook and twitter; the new age networking platform for friends

Facebook is the new age social networking platform that is meant to connect friends, family, and business. As the largest social networking sites, today, Facebook was initially started as a college networking website, which gradually expanded to add everyone and anyone.

Users create a profile that shows their friends and other information about themselves. This means that everyone within that the network can see the profile. The profile includes information like; Status, Pictures and writing on the Wall. Interestingly, the site is not only interactive and simple, but it helps the user to get in touch with like minded people.

Twitter, is also another most popular social networking sites, and many individuals use this to interact with people on various subjects. Twitter intends to keep people connected and it has started to have a wide impact as people connect and do business. Messages, known as “tweets”, must be brief with a maximum of 140 characters, and you say what crosses your mind.

Facebook and Twitter social networking sites are efficient platform when it comes to build a wide network of contacts that can be kept updated about their interest. People can post information which they feel is important or useful helping them to remain connected. These sites are not only interactive and simple, but it helps them promote their business. You should employ these websites as a powerful marketing strategy.

Facebook and Twitter are emerging as the new age networking platform for friends and business, so sign up and stay connected to enjoy the benefits

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