GST Ready Complete Accounting Software by SODTECH

GST or Goods and Services Tax is the most important matter of discussion in the country right now. Every ERP solution has developed their GST module in order to make dealing with the calculations of GST easier and to make complying with the statutory norms more convenient. SODTECH offers a GST module that makes your GST tax filing work and billing work more like a child’s play.

With the new GST module you get a comprehensive solution for taking care of each and every taxation requirement, complying fully with the rules and laws of GST. The module has absolute capability of handling any sort of complication arising in:

  • Intra-state sales
  • Inter-state sales
  • Warehouse transfers
  • Exports
  • Domestic sales
  • Exports through the warehouses

You can keep complete track of CESS(S), ISGST, CGST, SGST. As you must be aware that the GST returns have to be filed online, you need a strong yet user – friendly software for taking care of the entire process.

We are proud to announce that ever since the idea of GST has come into being, we have employed additional workforce of Software engineers, experts in handling government financial matters, Company Secretaries and Chartered Accountants. Attempts have been made to integrate the existing system with the new GST module in a smooth and seam-less way. All the latest notifications regarding GST have been incorporated, so that your company is always ready for GST auditing.

Salient Features of the GST Module

  • GST payments are automatically debited through SODTECH GST module. You will also get regular warning messages if there is lack of credit balance in your account.

  • The software enables you to handle Job In and Job Out as the stipulation of the GST norms.The software is capable of providing you with the latest data and information on the total Input Tax Credits (ITC) that has been availed and so far utilized.

  • The regular return submission under the GST regime has to be done online. SODTECH GST module provides you with facilities of preparing your monthly, quarterly, half – yearly  and annual reports and returns

  • You can use the software to work seamlessly in morethan  one branches of your organization.

  • The GST module is also empowered to take care of GST and ITC levied on import material and capital goods.

  • You can remain totally tension – free during upgradation of the software, as the data is regularly backed up.

  • You can pay your taxes on the GST rates through platform  provided by the system. Please note that this module is updated from time to time based on the latest government notifications.

  • The software easily and conveniently generates invoices according to the guidelines and format provided by the GST norms.

  • You can sit back and relax while the system takes care of the reconciliation of your business with the links and portals related to GST.You can get detailed

    report on GST paid by you, just by activating an option.

  • SODTECH brings to you a user interface that is highly perceptive and easy – to – use.

  • You can now file the returns by the dealers easily

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