How beneficial are the open Source Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

The enterprise mobility solutions are the future of the retail business management. A business goes through many stages before it can completely integrate the mobility solutions. The stages of deployment, learning and management of software which automate the many aspects of business
management are the most crucial for a business. The intermediate-state where the business must learn to use the solutions is regarded the most difficult stage of all. The proprietary solutions impose themselves on the business and require the staff to learn the usage of the software solutions.

Cross platform performance

A commonly observed inconvenience when one uses the closed proprietary mobility solutions is the need for a dedicated device. The device dependence or a platform dependence makes the proprietary solutions cost substantially. On the other hand, when one opts to use
an open source enterprise mobility solution, this can be eliminated completely by the installation team.

Using Third party applications

The third party applications provide a business with the ease of automation of important processes. The financial apps for payment offer a business the required transparency regarding the payment details. When one is integrating all the third party applications with a core enterprise mobility system, a proprietary solution may throw up exceptions and not work to its full efficiency. This is where the open source mobility solution for the enterprise management comes to the rescue. As it is an open source entity, the source code contribution can be very advanced and tweaked accordingly by the installation team. This convenience of being able to work along with the third party applications is the biggest benefit of using the open-source enterprise mobility solutions.

Open to Innovation 

The open source solutions are a good platform for the code developers to innovate newer ideas and test them. This is also beneficial for the users as the bug fixing is quicker and issue redressal is also faster when compared to the proprietary solutions.

Everything then boils down to one important point, the choice of the software. When choosing the open source solution, ensure that the installation and service team is open for discussion. The team which holds a discussion regarding the business needs from an enterprise mobility solution is a good choice. There are many open source solutions in the market which offer no after-installation- service. Choosing such a solution is quite risky as the open source solutions usually require tweaking to suit to ones business needs.

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