Mobile Apps as Your eCommerce Gateways

Mobile commerce is the new gateway for every eCommerce website. There are millions of eCommerce websites on the Internet, all of which try to bring the online traffic to their website. There are many methods of diverting traffic to a website, use of mobile applications is a recent addition to it. The mobile applications provide an easy way to let the customer visit your eCommerce website. This direct link to the website can be provided easily once the application is installed at the user end. The customers who spend time shopping online find it easier to shop through a mobile application.

The statistics for the digital shoppers all over the world is encouraging every business to build a mobile commerce application. The mobile applications make it convenient for the user to surf, choose and buy a product online without having to remember the web address. Here are a few benefits your business reaps when you offer a mobile app.

Push Notifications for sending tailor made promotions

Push notifications from a mobile application help the customer be aware of the sale offer at the online website. This constant presence benefits the business because the user tends to buy a relevant product showed via a push notification. To help send relevant notifications a business may use the smartphone features and search history to customise the promotions for a product.

Realise the full potential of Smartphone Features

The smartphones of today are equipped with GPS, Camera, QR scanners, Proximity sensors, etc., a business stands to make of these features through the mobile applications and hence customise notifications and improve CRM. Customised user promotions are the established methods of retaining a loyal customer and the mobile applications allow one to innovate in this field.

Allowing m-Commerce for Payment

The mobile applications may either redirect the user to other payment gateways or use a third party m-commerce feature for paying online. Statistics show that users prefer the mobile-wallet way of paying online. A business must invest in securing the m-commerce gateways and offering secure m-wallet programs for making the online shopping a hassle-free process. The continuously evolving methods of conducting business have propelled to the future with the introduction of mobile applications. A business must invest time and resource in design, deployment, and maintenance of the mobile applications to provide user rich experiences. The success of an e-commerce business depends on the measures the business takes to manage its customers.

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