Run the world’s best multi store retail business with SODTECH POS

Flexibility and scalability of iDempere and ADempere ERP help the multi-retail companies with a forward outlook to streamline and integrate many facets of the business management. Every business with an aim to upgrade with time will find the open source software solutions as an affordable choice. The scalability factor helps a business automate the process of expansion and business management easily. Automation with respect to data collection and product code generation is the key to brace a business for the future expansions. A multi-retail store which conducts business across the globe may have to deal with more diverse platform and data collection systems.

A streamlined data flow in an organisation helps put the collected data to good use. This data can also be used for loyalty management of customers of the Retail outlets. The Open source ERP solutions offer the independence from the licensing and upgrade costs. The multi-retail outlets which handle multiple currencies face difficulties in collecting the payment data and integrating it with the data collection and management system. Consider, for example, the challenges in the case of the FINEST Group Limited.

The FINEST Group Ltd headquartered in Kabul owns companies in Retail, Insurance and Mining. The SOD Technologies implemented open ERP solution for FINEST supermarket which has a product line covering grocery, garments, cosmetics, Electronic items, toiletries, kitchenware, jewellery, etc., thus making it the perfect example for the multi-retail outlet. The major bottlenecks faced during the POS implementation included the absence of a centralised system for report generation and decision making. The presence of multiple data collection points and improper modes of data collection was another hindrance for integration of a software solution.

SOD Technologies implemented a robust POS system which was integrated with iDempere ERP solutions for sales, payments, warehouse management, currency management, loyalty management, etc., to streamline the workflow. The different modules for the process management in the retail outlet were integrated through the POS system installed. The streamlined data helped automate the process of product requisition and procurement. The Custom Enterprise mobile application developed by the SOD Technologies helped in the remote scan of the product thereby automating the material receipt and inventory count which otherwise would use business resources like time and money. Automated product code generation solution for handheld scanners was an added benefit. An improved workflow and efficiency, smoother integration of business functions and trackable ROI are few benefits observed after implementation of Retail ERP solution by SOD Technologies.

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