Supply Chain Management

A growing manufacturing business will benefit by automating the process of supply chain management. This process helps facilitate the enterprise mobility and business expansion. Mobile applications help automate the process of chain management through easy end-user apps. A manufacturing company with an aim to expand its reach will have to manage a greater clientele base.

Using a software solution for supply chain management helps reduce the manpower costs for a business. Also, choosing an open-source ERP solution for SCM may further reduce the license and upgrade costs at regular intervals. SOD Technologies promote the use of open-source software solutions for different methodologies of enterprise management including the supply chain management.

A manufacturing company will face different challenges of interacting with the clientele of all sizes. From a small processing unit to a high-end processing laboratory, the requirements for product or service delivery keeps on evolving with time. A manufacturing company which adapts to the technological advances will stay ahead in the competition in its niche market. These companies will have to plan ahead and improve the preparedness of the company with respect to client requirements. When the SCM is automated the manpower can be in constant communication with the tools of automation and hence be prepared for any kind of variation in client requirement.

Critical business decisions can be made on the go when the SCM is automated through an efficient ERP solution like the iDempere ERP. The automation provides improved data access thereby improving the decision-making rate by 35%. There is also 25% improvement in accessing the data seamlessly. An observed reduction of 22% each is visible in the administrative and operational cost after implementation of the iDempere and ADempere ERP solutions.

The SOD Technologies has a reputation for offering right kind of consultation services along with ERP implementation. Managing every clientele using traditional methods or with a licensed software solution may cost you more. The open-source software packages have now earned a good reputation for being the affordable and reliable software solution for business process management.

Listed below are few advantages of integrating SCM into ERP systems.

  • Improvement in customer retention as it offers an easier method to track requirements of the customer based on prior history.

  • Using an open-source ERP system gives freedom from the regular upgrade costs and license renewal costs.

  • Accessing real-time operational information is quicker which helps in quicker decision-making skills.

  • Supply chain creation and maintenance processes are streamlined for easy user experience.

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