Tips For Better Website Designing


Designing a website can be an exciting proposition. Actually it is not only the design of the website that mesmerizes the visitor but the user interface design also known as UI design.

Important steps that should be followed to design good websites are the coding should be clean with no unnecessary codes, use java-script if needed, better to call from outside source, use of CSS should be proper and should be an external file for proper formatting of the pages of the website, designer should try to keep the size of flash file as small as possible and not more than 500 KB as larger flash files will make the page load slowly, use alt tags for images to avoid problems occur when loaded in Internet explorer, A nicely designed clean page looks professional leaves a good impression on the visitor, the designer should take priority while designing of the website it must be able to convey what it stands for, most important part of the website is about navigation of the website should be simple especially if the website is quite large with many web pages, website optimized for search engines helps to rank better in search engines, user friendly designs helps to avoid the bounce rate, website should be validated in W3C helps to eliminate the problems associated with the code.

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