What to Look for in an ERP Software for SCM?

The job of choosing the right ERP system for a business is difficult if one does not know what factors to give priority. Being the head of the team for choosing and installing the SCM software for a business, is easy for a person well versed with the requirements of the business. The most important criteria to choose a software is the requirement of the business. If an SCM business caters to all sizes of clients, it is important to choose a software which can be scaled according to the needs of the business.

Evaluating a software for a business requires a good research oriented attitude.

The job of drafting the list of the popular software in the market is easier. It gets harder when one has to choose a single product from the list. Having a checklist of the needs and demands of the business helps one in the initial stages of elimination. The following factors help one decide the right ERP software from the list of probable packages.

Industry Compliance

The choice of the ERP software must be driven by the compliance with your niche industry. For example, the ERP solution for educational institutions is different when compared to an SCM business. Similarly, the ERP for automobile SCM differs from the ERP for an SCM catering to hospital sector. It is good to search for your niche based ERP solutions than pick from the general ERP solutions.

Ease of Performance Reporting

An ERP for managing SCM must have a convenient end user portal.

This ensures that the performance reporting of data is made easier. When the data access and reporting processes are accelerated, critical decisions are taken faster. It saves business time and resource. An ERP software which requires the staff be trained to track data reporting and access must be chosen only if it offers business critical features for your business.

Installation Ease

The ease of installation is another critical feature to be checked for when finalising the ERP software. This requires one to query and probe the deploying company offering the ERP package. Checking for the service and maintenance schedules after installation is also a good practice.

A deployment team which takes inputs from the business and customises the ERP software is a good choice. When inquiring with the software solutions company, one must check if the software usage requires special training or, is self-explanatory and easy to use.

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