Widgets are the best to develop Cross – Platform Mobile Applications

Widgets are increasingly turning out to be an essential tool for developers because it enhances the functionality and features of cross-platform mobile applications. Previously developers had to keep building native apps for multiple platforms like android, iOS, RIM and Symbian etc. With the coming of robust design app development platforms, these redundancies can be eradicated. So it gives a chance where mobile widgets are central to the creation of cross-platform apps.

What are mobile Widgets?

A mobile widget is known to be a small mobile application with a simple user interface with a unique functionality. Widgets generally allow access to real-time, live data such as stock market, weather, news, sports etc. When a user decides to check the nearest fuel station, flight details, traffic updates, widgets are the perfect partner for that dynamic performance. No doubt widgets can never outclass the etae functionality of apps, but it can importantly add to the development of multi-platform mobile apps.

Native mobile apps limitations

In a short span of time Mobile applications became popular because they add superior functionality to mobile phones. However, native apps works on the platform to which they were intended to, so developers had to create different versions for different platforms. The conception of mobile cloud-based applications and widgets has significantly created cross-platform apps.

It has been seen that developers around the world are producing open source widgets day in and day out, because it is flexible and easy to maintain. Also it is highly suitable to mobile and tablet app developers. Widgets also help in providing excellent opportunity to distribute content and monetize games to big audiences through these app developers. With the growth of mobile widgets devise it can be seen that low-end devices like Samsung S5230, LG enV2 Nokia 2700. So widgets are not restricted for Smartphone, now even Google, Facebook and Yahoo have come up with huge database of widgets which works on multiple platforms, like tablets, browsers, phones and websites.

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