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Enterprise Consulting

Business growth of an enterprise by using latest IT technology

To Grow Your Business Despite The Economic Crisis, SODTech brings to you Enterprise business consulting for technology improvements so as to maintain competitiveness in a rapidly changing economic environment and simplify outdated enterprise business processes & systems. SODTech’s team will help your company to realign processes and technology to realize your business objectives. As an enterprise consultant we guide our clients through all aspects of a business transformation for using advance IT technology & serve digital. so that they can fully realize the greatest benefits in the most efficient way possible.

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Challenges Faced by Enterprises

One of the most effective ways to increase revenue is by maximizing sales of Products and or services. In order to maximize sales of products or services, business enterprises need to consistently grow and the growth itself is something that every entity starting from single individuals to large multinational enterprises, irrespective of its size, scale, geographic location or evolutionary phase, is concerned with.

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  • Investment on right market
  • Strategizing penetration into mobile users
  • Strategies of Business Expansion & Partnership
  • Collaboration between companies and business
  • Challenges in Innovation & Mobilizations
  • Product Branding & Marketing
  • Investment on IT which ensure ROI
  • Trouble in data security & storage
  • Vendor Locking & License Cost in ERP
  • Challenges in Project Management
  • Challenges in IT Staffing
  • Instability, Ineffective Management, Financial Loss.
  • Unknown Markets, Aggressive Competitors

Business Growth Consulting

Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling

SODTech as a enterprise business consultant with wide tremendous focus towards businesses growth for small medium and large scale industries can plan, design, develop, and deploy, strategies, systems by making a proper study of your business and business growth through multiple online channels. Based on the study we implement Strategic planning so as to fulfill all goals to improve your business with the help of enterprise mobility, big data and digital marketing.

Business Expansion

The entrepreneur is that endless challenge seeker. Once their small business is humming along, growth is the next exciting challenge. but at the same time growth can make good business sense - better brand recognition, building value in the business for employees and customers, offering a wider range of products and services to a larger geographical market. We expand your business using advanced technology which includes cloud solution, mobilization, and digital marketing. We understand your business system and create a business growth goal for a specific period of time keeping in mind your investment on technology and the right marketing. Thus we help you in stretching your business growth with a better ROI. Business expansion will lead to Increase your sales and products in existing markets and find importunity to introduce a New Product. We advise you to develop a New Market Segment or Move into New Geography which will include Start a Chain recruiting Franchise with Strategic Alliance or go Global.


Change is good. Conduct an analysis of the market environment, your customers wants and needs to be competitors. Be open to new ideas and adaptive to change. Develop a strategic, responsive plan, which includes innovation as a key business process across the entire business. Help you to connect with customers and employees to generate ideas for improving processes, products and services both internally and externally. Make use of available resources, to drive innovation in your business. We find ways to encourage innovative thinking and harness the power of ideas to help your business expand in creative, new directions with Digitization of Business Processes and making use of interactive enterprise mobility.

Project Management

The organization needs a complete visibility into everything IT is working on, including project health metrics, non-project work, resource allocations and overall costs against budgets. The company needs the ability to aggregate both strategic and accomplishing.

Digital Marketing

Many startup, small and medium business have limited capitalization and other resources particularly in terms of budget allocation for marketing. We make a proper study of your business, product and service and prepare plans to help you on improving your business online with the help of digital channels. That is why it is vital for business owners to focus only on cost-effective marketing channels rather than traditional marketing that make a positive impact on the bottom line.

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Applications and Systems Consultation

SODTech is one of the industry’s most experienced enterprise business applications and systems consulting firms which provide the necessary business knowledge and technical expertise to help clients better understand, utilize and maintain their complex and critical enterprise systems. We suggest the best vendor independent applications based on clients requirement and help collaborating the system with applications of different companies.

ERP Consulting

We help you on implementation, consulting, operation & maintenance to domestic and overseas enterprise users. We also provide technical support by leveraging a seamless combination of rich project experience and mature industry solutions. Adhering to the philosophy of customer focus and excellence by innovation, we are dedicated for providing clients with the best Open-source ERP platforms and top-notch services.

Enterprise Mobility

The Enterprise Mobility Solutions market has been growing rapidly as business are increasingly considering the adoption of application and solutions like Supply Chain management, Human resource management, Enterprise resource planning, work force management and other unified communication.

Staff Augmentation

With major developments in applications and technologies, businesses are struggling hard to find skilled labor. Many organizations are comfortable seeking third party help to manage their entire development or part of it, there are many others who can augment their existing talent pool by employing external IT talent.

Application Development

SODTech has extensive experience in implementing enterprise content management systems (ECM) for customers across the globe. Today the walls between an organization's Web Content Management, Enterprise Collaboration, Document Management and Records Management are crumbling, as these disparate systems can be brought together within a successful ECM implementation.