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We don’t just build application we build your business

SODTech CRM is not only the CRM but it’s a one-stop organization management solution for most businesses. Our solutions are built-in solution that range from project management, customer relationship management, sales and marketing, email marketing and activity. We empower your sales teams with tools that bring the relationship and to learn more about your customers. Marketing campaigns are run for a specific interest and what they look at the end result is ROI, we help them to build lasting customer relationships from anywhere in the world. SODTech CRM tools helps to aggregate and track all your requests, access and update them from anywhere where we try to professionalize the face of your customer service organization.

We bring you application as wherever you be, the SODTech CRM helps you to access the application from wherever an internet application is available and our mobile applications for IOS and android can be worked offline so that your data is always at your reach.

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How we help to do that?

  • Contact management
  • Prospecting leads potentials and business closure
  • Automate your meetings through events
  • Know what are your Appointment
  • Automate your repetitive task
  • Integrate the tools you know
  • Bulk email campaigns
  • Managing and Campaign Tracking
  • Sales forecast and leads pipeline
  • Critical sales report
  • Ticketing
  • Support case management
  • Self- service customer portals
  • Manage you items and sold list
  • Project management
  • Handy with Mobile
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What does SODTech CRM do?

  • Effectively tracks and oversees customer/client data.
  • Associates your whole group from any gadget.
  • Keenly catches customer/client E-mail.
  • Simplifies monotonous tasks so you can focus on leads.
  • Conveys moment bits of knowledge and suggestions.
  • Amplifies and alters as your business grow.

Why SODTech CRM matters?

  • CRM helps you discard cumbersome procedures and manual exertion so you can get on with business.
  • You'll discover more leads, close more deals, keep more clients and develop your business.
  • One spot to store all client data implies your discussions are constantly individual, relevant, and up to date.
  • SODTech CRM clients report 33% more deals income, 44% higher customer loyalty, 47% better marketing ROI.

SODTech CRM Results

Deals Revenue

Customer Satisfaction


How SODTech CRM can help you.

Associate with your clients/customer in a radical new manner. Fabricate more important and enduring connections - better comprehend their requirements, distinguish new chances to, location any issues quicker and send clients/customer centered applications exceptionally quick. With a solitary perspective of each client’s/customer cooperation you can offer, administration and business sector more than ever.

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Get more leads, close more deals, and accomplish all the more quicker.

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Maximize client/customer loyalty, retention, and fulfillment.

digital marketing

Interface 1-to-1 with customers on social, mobile, and more.

erp for small business

Anticipate client/Customer wants based on past taste and preferences.

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Monitor and deal with your business at whatever time, from anyplace.