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Digital Advertising Strategies : The Studies

A paper about the operation and marketing of a local fitness company in Finland suggest that there are various different digitaladvertisingstrategyoptionsavailable.The study covers six different advertisingstrategies for the MyEMS Oy business as well asserveral otheranalysisofthefitness industryinFinland. Two main strategies approved by the study were Display Networking Ads (DNA) and Video Ads. These ads targeting general male Bronze members orActive Fit gym members in order to create awareness about the company, its services and whattreasure they can find on its web page. The second option was Landing Page Ads which ranged from 12 to 20 seconds long and focused on providing visitors with an informational banner with location data or product information about the company’s products. The end goal was to get people clicking through to a full website search where they couldbettererxperiencearticularproduct. The study also appraises two competing male-orientated social media platforms, Youtube and LinkedIn, that are popular among fitness professionals in Finland. footprint analysis showed thatMYSELF bypassed LinkedIn when target industry was found but others of interest did use Youtube for target clients specifically for personal training results See attachment below for Example of how two different social media platforms were used.

Digital Advertising Strategies : The Studies

A study about political advertising on digital platforms during the 2020 US Presidential Primary found that campaigns have increasingly embraced new ways of targeting supporters and potential voters in order to achieve more effective results. roar Political advertising has grown dramatically in recent years as campaigns embrace new ways of targeting supporters and potential voters, which has resulted in more effective results. For example, in the 2016 United States Presidential Election, Republican candidate Donald Trump ran a very effective ads centered around beefing up the economy and secured reelection by appealing to a rather largesection of the population. In contrast, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton relied heavily on ads focused on her opponent’s lack of experience andasket-case lifestyle. All told, digital advertising played an undeniable role in helping both candidates win.

A study about rural digital advertising adoption in Alberta, Canada found that individuals and businesses in rural areas are more likely to adopt digital marketing strategies such as social media, email marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). Google AdWords is the most popular platform for digital advertising in Canada, followed by Facebook.

An article about the digitalisation of today's society has shown that children are increasingly exposed to various new digital advertising formats. Advertisers have fully embraced these new technological developments, which can lead to feelings of intrusion and anxiety for children. Many digital media platforms offer children a range of opportunities to see and hear ads. However, they also have the right to refuse Ads, as well as the right to withdraw consent at any time. With such an increased understanding of rights and responsibilities in the digital world, it is important for all kids to be aware of their rights when using these platforms.

A paper about how digital advertising environments are constituted by characters that interact with each other through web 2.0 technologies is aimed at providing a novel context for this emergent use of these technologies by brand and communication agents. Byeaturing studies on how people engage with brands online, it will help to interrogate the various motivations behind these choices and how they impact customer engagement.

An article about the influence of advertisement quality on consumer behavior has been conducted on short video platforms. The study found that when the advertisement is of high quality, humans are more likely to spend money on the product. This was because consumers believe that they will be able to judge the quality of an advertisement from the video itself. The study also found that when the advertisement is not of high quality, consumers are less likely to spend money on a product. This was because they trust other factors more in making their decision about a product.

A research about digital natives emotionally responding towards provocative advertising found that they are avoiding advertising, which has made the advertising landscape more challenging, resulting in the implementation of other strategies. The study found that provocative advertising results in a strong impression on the digital natives and makes them more likely to use the product or service that is advertised.

An analysis about the marketing strategies utilizing D=th distance-weighted Levy walkers shows that firms are able to better understand how their products are selling and learn new consumer preferences. Furthermore, the findings suggest that firms can better target ads to specific walkers as well as make more targeted appeals to convince consumers to purchase a product.

A review about online advertising methods revealed that BravaFlowers.com uses creative advertising methods to entice online customers to select the company’s flowers as their special purchase. With well- targeted ads, BravaFlowers.com was able to attract online shoppers to its website with an affordable price and a wide selection of flowers.

A paper about the use of advertising in business has shown that a lot of unnecessary spending occurs that could have been avoided if the message was communicated better. A careful consideration should be made in choosing the type of advertising to be used, as it can have a large impact on a company's success. ad spending should be managed carefully, as expenditure can quickly impact a company's bottom line.

A study about digital native advertising from expert interviews has unearthed different perspectives that address the treatment of certain emotions andJewels in digitalnative ads. This research agenda will help practitioners better understand the root causes and effects of emotional games in native ads. By discussing these issues more fully, practitioners can make better informed decisions when creating and running digital native Ads.

A paper about Commulus Digital Marketing and Communication Indonesia showed that the company has a good business model and strategy development. The study discovered that Commulus is a popular brand for online advertising and communications in Indonesia. The company has created a successful website, designed a successful social media platform, and had a loyal customer base. In addition, Commulus is marketed to target government and commercial businesses in the Indonesia market. The study showed that the company has excellent opportunities to grow its business in the Indonesian market by expanding its services beyond its original niche.

A study about mobile advertisingMethods and results: Face-to-face interviews were conducted with mobile advertising executives from five companies who are actively streaming their products and services on mobile devices, as well as five other companies that offer similar products or services. Factors that were spoken about pertaining to mobile advertising include the benefits of integrating Mobile Ads onto websitepages, how frustrating it can be to try and figure out how to get targeted ads in the Kazakh context, what type of devices are most likely to be used for Due Diligence testing ( Handset, Tablet, PS4), as well as opinions on whether or not social media should be considered a part ofmobile advertising. A significant issue faced bymostexecutiveswas finding qualified leads for their ads. Nearly half ofthe executives said they find no leads over the internet when searching for mobile Advertisementcertain terms; this is evident given that over 60 percent of advertinations come from Google AdWords alone. Some of the problems faced by marketersinvolved with thinning audienceiles coming from Kazakhstan compared to other countries was evident when quizzed about target demographic groups for their campaigns. Another issue facing respondents was targeting ad placement geniusesApple’s successful placement within Kazakh eyelines such that users could see print and offline plac.

A research about the effect of surprise strategy on digital advertising avoidance has been conducted. The study found that, in order for a company to effective avoid sudden changes in their online marketing, they will need to employ a surprise strategy. Surprise campaigns can be effective when they are done in a strategic way and are timed perfectly to ensure that the consumer is not aware of the campaign until it is too late.

A journal about a durable goods firm marketing its products online and through mass media. The study looked at how the firm uses two advertising methods-one is through online ads, and the other is through print advertisements. Through dual time period analysis, it was found that the company uses both forms of advertising in a way that makes sure that sales are promoted on both platforms concurrently. It was also found that when using online ads, the company focuses most on product information to drive home its message while playing off of consumer stereotypes. However, when using print advertisements, the company focuses more on sales stories to try and get people to purchase their product.

A journal about nutritional value of foods and advertisements used to prevent childhood obesity in Spain has found that 40% of children are overweight or obese. Television advertising is a widely acknowledged factor contributing to high-calorie food intake. In addition, the study found that consumption of unhealthy foods was associated with being overweight. It is important to consider these factors when trying to fight childhood obesity, as an increased reward system can lead to more widespread consumption of unhealthy foods.

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