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Digital Data Transmission Channels : The Studies

A journal about the performance of maximum free distance Convolutional Codes with different modulation schemes was conducted. A Convolutional encoder with Viterbi decoding was used in this study. The results showed that the FEC based on this encoder can offer a good solution to reduce the effect of Additive Gaussian Noise residing inside the digital data transmissions channel.

Digital Data Transmission Channels : The Studies

An article about the effectiveness of turbo-codes – which are variants altering one data sequence – in protected telecommunication circuits has been carried out. The results show that the decoding procedure consists in transmitting a soft scheme of decision making, which is used by the equipment to identify the correct coding of an received frame. This allows for correction and improvement inperformance, as well as providing additional security for TELECOM / COMPUTER NETWORKS.

A study about physical media and channels shows that the channel is a physical medium that we cannot change. Some channels, such as a wire, are just physical media.

An inquiry about the signal loss of implantable devices to out-body channels has been proposed in this paper. The channel sounder uses a probe to measure the receiving power of a signal that is transmitted from inside the human body to outside the body. This study has found that Channel Sounders can provide accurate information about the channel properties of implantable devices.

A journal about wiretapping channels of communication systems is a necessary part of any security research. In this paper, we present findings on an experimentalSecure Digital sms transmission system based on SHDSL technologies. We discovered flaws in the system and found that it possesses some opportunities for wiretapping activities.

A journal about digital television technology has shown that it is capable of transmitting moving images, including digital video and accompanying sound, through a medium called digital television. This system can also include data.

A paper about the joint source-channel coding of Uniform Memoryless Sources over Binary Symmetric Channels was done for digital transmission over a binary symmetric channel. The study found that the use of COCD allows for a more accurate and efficient representation of the data.

A study about thecollision-free hybrid MAC protocol based on pipeline parallel transmission for distributed multi-channel underwater acoustic networks was conducted. The study found that the transmission rate between two nodes is usually very low in underwater acoustic networks due to the low available bandwidth of underwater acoustic channels. Therefore, it was found necessary to increase the transmission parallelism among network nodes.

An article about the architecture of communication channels in next-generation communication networks has been carried out. The study found that many such networks will need to evaluate their communication channels to adapt their behavior, causing a trade-off between channel quality and network operation.

A paper about Shannon’s Theorem and some upper and lower bounds on its error-correcting properties was presented. Shannon’s communication model consists of a source that generates digital information, which is sent to the receiver over a communication channel. The channel may introduce errors or it may be noiseless. The model incorporates both variants: 1..

A research about new detection and fast start-up channel estimation techniques for data transmission over a fading channel is presented. A patent-pending approach is described for performing fast startup channels estimation using a combination of broadcast and data correlations. In this method, k statistic measurements are made to determine the correlation matrix ?i. This information is then used to form the Channel Estimation Model (CEM) and start up the receiver on average with probability pi/2. The comparison results show that this approach outperforms those reported by other authors while taking into account the fading channel conditions.

A review about the jpeg compression for digital images over CDMA 800 MHz indoor wireless channels was done. A Joint Source Channel Coding Approach was developed to improve the quality of delivery of digital images over contract CDMA wireless channels. The study found that the Joint Source Channel Coding approach resulted in a significant decrease in image quality when compared to other methods.

An article about how reliable OFDM data transmission over a channel with pilot tones and error-correction coding was done in shallow water acoustic conditions. The results showed that UAC systems can be successfully used in these conditions, even though the channel is characterised by disadvantages.

A research about how brain-inspired digital wireless transmission in massive wireless networks could be used to communicate better and faster has been developed. This study takes inspiration from the way that nerve impulses are sent through the human brain, which is why this type of communication is so important in the modern world. By using brain-inspired digital wireless transmission in massive wireless networks, communication could be done faster and more accurately than ever before.

A journal about the design of a super-channel transmission using Draper's prismatic DP-16QAM optical frequency division multiplexer has been conducted. The experimental performance of the super-channel transmission is found to be improved by reducing the nonlinear distortions in the optical field. By understanding how the Kerr effect affects the achievable transmission capacity, it is possible to optimize the Transmission Line and Signal Processor design accordingly.

An evaluation about two-way channels, such as the one that uses Shannon's two-way channels (TWCs), has found that they are sometimes used together with orthogonal channel layouts. This allows for better transmission reliability, since the user terminals can both share data while still ensuring that the design of the channels is well- complied with.

An article about the dependence of channel fading on wireless network cooperation was conducted. In this study, channel fading was measured using a single wireless network and cooperative routing technology with diversity transmission was used. It was found that the dependent aspects of wireless network performance were improved by using cooperative routing technology with diversity transmission.

A review about super-channel DP-16QAM transmission showed that the achievable transmission capacity of conventional optical fibre communication systems is limited by nonlinear distortions due to the Kerr effect and the difficulty in modulating the optical field to effectively use the available fibre. This is because with a super-channel DP-16QAM transmission, there are 16 independent channels rather than the three used in traditional digital back-propagation. This gives rise to increased coding power and bandwidth as well as improved error correction capability.

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