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Digital Data Transmission Using Laser : The Studies

An article about mirror coatings on edge-emitting semiconductor lasers has been carried out in order to improve their performance. It was found that different mirror coatings can have different effects on the laser's performance. Some mirror coatings can help to amplify the laser's output whereas others can help to reduce its output. By using a variety of mirror coatings, it is now possible to optimize the laser for a specific application.

Digital Data Transmission Using Laser : The Studies

An evaluation about Laser Uplinks and Downlinks has been conducted in the Navy by using an Airborne Laser as a weapons system. The use of lasers to target objects or individuals is not new, and has been used for a variety of purposes both on land and in the air. But Office of Naval Research (ONR) has developed an Airborne Laser that can be used as a weapons system to essentially target anything in the vicinity. This weapon uses light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (LASER) to hit the target, even objects with small feathered antennas that can scatter sunlight. Except for very high-powered lasers, all LASERs work on focused beams that are sent out from a Lasership through the atmosphere and into the airspace around it. The disadvantage with this type of weapon is its relatively short range: It is limited to attacking targets within a certain area in front of the weapon or below it at low altitude; moreover, there may be some battle damage done to friendly forces as well since it can cause collateral damage when striking aircraft or other military assets.

A study about teaching music through digital media utilizing lasers and fiber optics has been carried out by the Universitas Negeri Surabaya, one of the top institutions in the country for learning musical instruments and electronic musical technologies. This study has found that using digital media allows students to learn more quickly and Easily than traditional methods. This is especially beneficial for beginner musicians, as using digital technology allows them to see and hear the instrument through a computer display instead of having to learn how to play an instrument by ear.

An evaluation about a new implementation of a vertical cavity surface emitting laser for high speed digital transmission has been conducted. This new design is based on a direct modulation of a semiconductor laser, and it has been found to be more efficient than any previous method for this purpose. The conference was attended by experts from various industries, who discussed the potential applications of this type of Laser for faster digital transmissions.

A study about the spectral switch effect in data transmission method with spectral switches is being performed. This study is conducted to use the spectral switch effect as an intensity modifying device for quasi-monochromatic light. It was found out that the spectral switch effect affects polychromatic light spectra in a different way than monochromatic light spectra.

An article about how to transmit data through RF modulation was conducted. It was found that gigabit-per-second rates can be projected through out-of-band modulation. This allows for more precision when transmitting data multimasterly.

An analysis about metropolitan area lasers in use by the United States Department of Defense has found that these laser weapons guidance, laser-aided measurements, and lasers as weapons can help improve strategic operations.metropolitan area lasers have been used in different ways by the US Department of Defense since the early 1990s. Some of these are for target designation, air traffic control, and homeland defense; others are for energy protection. The use of metropolitan area lasers has been increasing in recent years as technology improves to reduce the cost and complexity of system deployment.

A journal about the design, development and operational analysis of a D.C. powered semiconductor laser diode drive unit has been conducted. This thesis addresses the design, development and operational analysis of a laser diode based on the use of a semiconductor laser chip and a D.C.- Power supply. These devices use stable power supplies to avoid picture frame SOURCES power?making it more efficient in operation as well as reaching longer life with fewer failures.

A study about the effectiveness of a DBR laser in data transmission over a14 nm Wavelength tuning range found that the scenario virgin into this wavelength range is quite powerful and can transmit up to 25 Gb/s data. This potential use of this wavelength also opens up opportunities for other technological advancements, like 5G services that have a large amount of bandwidth.

A study about the practical multi-disciplinary approach to the traceable storage and transmission of 3D colour scan data sets was conducted in order to improve the quality, accuracy and efficiency of this type of data. This study uses a combination of state-of-the-art colour laser scanning technology and an e-Science developed data storage and transmission system. By implementing this multi-disciplinary approach, it was found that there is a considerable advantage to be gained in terms of recoverability and accuracy. Furthermore, by working together, these systems can provide a more consistent workflow for annotations and calibration requests.

A paper about the feasibility of using a laser beam to localize weld flaws in structure was performed. The flaw localization was done using an absorber-free laser transmission welding method. The results showed that there was no need for any adhesives or additives in this method, which led to improved quality and reliability.

A paper about the possibility of transmitting data at 9 micrometre wavelength using unipolar quantum optoelectronics has shown that this option is possible with a bit rate in excess of 10 Gbit s?1. This was done using a quantum cascade laser and a modulator. The study was conducted at room temperature and the results showed that unipolar quantum optoelectronics can be used to transmit data at this wavelength.

A study about a satellite transmission system between an orthopedic clinic in suburban Philadelphia and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in central Philadelphia has been completed. The system is intended to improve communication between the two facilities. Images have been transmitted both between the satellites and on Earth, allowing for efficient patient care.

A study about precipitation of secondary phases during additively manufactured inconel 625 superalloy showed significant differences in the manufacturing process and the resulting microstructure. The study showed that there is a significant difference in the deposition rate and chemistry between pre-cherry pickling and hot work techniques. Thepre-cherry pickling technique resulted in a less scattered, more quartzite-like microstructure while hot work resulted in a more uniform, patchy microstructure.

An article about the recent progress in digital carrier and data recovery for a synchronous optical quadrature phase shift keying transmission system has been conducted. By using advanced digital signal processing technology, the study found that it is possible to realizes a 10 Gbaud speed with minimal assistance from electronic parts. This progress offers great opportunities for the communication Industry as it allows transmitters and receivers to work tightly together at 20 GHz without any issue.

A research about the use of biomarkers to assess traffic visibility analysis during nighttime. Sensibility of movement during night-time is important for safe driving, especially when one is trying to estimating the visibility in a city environment. This study proposed a measure called Traffic Sensibility Visibility, which includes measuring the movement of vehicles using imagery.

An article about the optimization of a laser-driven irradiation facility using the G4-ELIMED application found that improvements could be made to the intensity and yield of radiation therapy treatments by optimizing the beam parameters. These optimization efforts resulted in a decrease in travel time through the facility, as well as an overall cost savings.

An analysis about the effect of the transmission line on poreimportanceshows that it can have a significant impact on the overall running efficiency of the reactor.

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