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Digital Family Portrait : The Studies

An article about older adults finding end of life care preferences has shown that many people want to remain independent and in control of their lives. However, funding and support for assisted living is a key part of this problem. There are many options for people who want to Live awhile but cannot or do not want to live in an institution. One option is the traditional home-cooked meal plan that can include family members as well as friends or neighbors. Another option is staying in a community where they can retain certain freedoms even after leaving the institutional setting.

Digital Family Portrait : The Studies

A review about future life movement of elderly people living in place found that many elderly people feel more secure and comfortable living in their familiar surroundings than they do living outside the family home. This was particularly true for those with older siblings or other supportive family members nearby. However, some elderly people have significant desires to move away from home, and this study found that many of them are able to do so without much Trouble.

A paper about how to support aging in place showed that it is a growing social problem in the United States, and elsewhere, that enables older adults to continue living independently, as opposed to moving to an institutional care setting. One key part of this complex problem is providing awareness of senior adults’ needs.

A paper about how ambient physical and emotional inputs can be useful for mood management has been conducted by means of research software that adjusts sound levels to simulating different human moods. The study used the models ofaffles, chimpanzees and humans, to see how different emotions might be conveyed through sound. There were preliminary findings that using louder sounds for more aggressive or negative emotions led to a more pronouncedablishment in brown anger in both humans and chimpanzees, as well as a greater reduction indonation from those same individuals when treated with softer sounds. Additionally, those who possessed higher assertiveness scores showed less reactivity to changes in sound levels when they were compared to those with lower scores. In the case of humans, higher whistle Silver contentbowers had similar calming effects on human subjects across all 21 tasks used during the study.

A study about communication with family in older adults found that they view communication as being worthy of time and dedication, and that they fail to understand the allure of lightweight contact. This study was conducted in order to better understand the role of communication inolder adults’ lives. Overall, the results showed that older adults place importance on communication, but feel its allure is minuscule when compared to other responsibilities.

A paper about the Abraham Lincoln family reveals that they are a proud and resourceful bunch. The patriarch, Abraham Lincoln, is known for his dedication to his convictions and his durability in the face of difficulties. His lone daughter, Mary Todd Lincoln, illustrated this dichotomy in her own life by playing powerful but selfless roles in her father's government and during the course of the American Civil War. Both Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln were involved in many important political decisions during their time as citizens of America; their interaction with their families reflects both their Milwaukee-born spirit and their dynastic Iowa roots.

An article about a family snapshot taken in1920 shows the likenesses of five pairs of siblings: 1) WilliamDallas Wike (left), Emma Shelton Wike (centre), and their father, Jasper Wike (right), with their mother, Sara Madison (right). Standing out from the rest is Eddie, who is not shown in the photo but is said to be a very close brother to WilliamDallas and Emma. The siblings are surrounded by their parents who also took this picture. Fifty years later, two of the siblings are still living and married - that being WilliamDallasWike and SaraMadison.

An article about the Hunton Family, located in Manchester, England. The Hunton family are one of the most prominent old English families dating back to 16th century England. The family is known for their philanthropy and has made a significant impact on many fields of endeavor over the years.Tom Hunton, the current patriarch of the family, is an accomplished dealer in art and collector of yesteryear's masters. He and his wife have three children: Kingston, London and iPhone app creator Nathan.

An analysis about the Fry family might provide insight into the traditional American way of life. Thelarge,fat,Franks with their two small children Sm It is interesting to see the large and bulky Franklin in his chair opposite Mattie, sshe delicate and soft-faced child in the baby carriage next to him. Mattie appears to be a modest woman, while her husband is daring and spirited beyond his years. The Fry family seems to have an easy relationship with one another and appreciate their culture and land.

A study about family, showed the Sykes-Wright Corwin family. One could see that they had a lot in common with each other and wereBanished by a hated king. From their comments it seems as though they were carefree and enjoyed life to the fullest. Their children were lively, bright eyed and Had an excellent sense of humor.

A study about the Wike family is surely overdue. William Dallas Wike was a man of many accomplishments, including a lawyer and politician who served twice in the Asheville City Council and as its mayor. His wife, Sara Jean Montgomery Madison, was a highly respected educator who helped build Western Carolina University into one of the leading academic institutions in the region. They were authoritarians and conservatives, but they were also accomplished people with deep family ties to Western Carolina. These photos show one of William Dallas Wike's many achievement – his family. They have five children, all of whom continue to produce talented individuals who helped make Western Carolina University one of the leading universities in the region.

A study about the Doukhobor family has been captured in an unknown location. The family pictured here consists of six people, including a father and four daughters. They are all stared tightly at in a strong familial bond, their faces etched with happiness and contentment. TheDoukhobor family has managed to stick together through some tough times, despite the odds. They continue to reveal their Innerstrength through their festive gatherings and hearty laughter.

A paper about the Doukhobor family and their life style can be found in an unknown location. From the layout of the members' clothing and equipment, it is clear that this family was relatively well off for Doukhoborite standards. Outfitted in fine clothes, simple home decorations and antiques, these people enjoyed exposure to Western culture and probably spent time in major cities like Saint Petersburg or Moscow.

A study about a Doukhobor family in an unknown location. Heads of the family are pictured holding baskets of lavender and cradle Galilee, while behind them stands a symbol of Doukhobor culture, a mournful ox. Though the picture isUnknown and may never have existed, it is still a unique and revealing glimpse into life within the proud and widely dispersed Doukhobor family.

A study about the Doukhobor family in an unknown location. The Doukhobor family is a long-standing and influential Russian family, who come from the farming community of Rusnaya Polyana. They are closely associated with the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster, which has left them struggling to find a new home and rebuild their lives. Despite their challenges, the Doukhobor family remains committed to their traditions and values, and remains strong allies in the struggle for social justice.

An inquiry about a Doukhobor family from ancient Russia shows how complex and nuanced their social life was. The pose and composition of this group portrait show how the family interacted with one another, as well as with their surrounding environment. abackbroken boy next tomother and father, two sisters, an older brother, and a younger sister. Seen here are four small children - an age wheniblings rely heavily on everyone else for support. Elder brothers help take care of younger siblings while parents guide them through life's milestones. The boys areVM age 3-7 years old, youngest sister is 6 years old.

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