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Digital Government Transformation Strategy : The Studies

A review about the current state and future of the digital transformation strategy has been conducted by experts from several different fields, in order to create a more together as well as betterinformed strategy for the present and future. Contrary to popular belief, no one definition for the term digital transformation has emergedrs with varying levels of agreement across professionals in Eleventh Amendment field, technology development community, public policy experts, etc. The study offers a comprehensive insights into what defined should be done next in order to achieve a more cohesivedigital transformation strategy across sectors and countries. According to the study, presently there is no agreed upon measure or framework for measuring or understanding how well a country is performing when it comes to digital Transformation: that means no one agrees on whether such efforts are actually successful or not. The study suggests that creating a commonitied Definition of Digital Transformation would help unite professionals and Kingriches involved in this process- however, this will likely cost extra time and money which some businesses might find difficult to justify Based on this research it seems clear that creating an agreed upon definition of digital transformation would be important if goal is unified action against this problem. Unfortunately even though there exists a consensus around some core concepts within the financial services industry regarding how successfully companies areperforming using technology.

Digital Government Transformation Strategy : The Studies

A study about Zambia's digital economy reveals that the country is making great strides in its journey to becoming a moreSTEPP-WARDLY ENVIRONMENT. The findings suggest that the introduction of digital tools and services has helped farmers to boost their productivity, reduce costs associated with production, and cope with threats to their livelihoods. In addition, the deepening of relations with other countries and increasing access to capital have provided impetus for businesses to start up and expand.

A study about the different digital transformation strategies of the Philippines from 1992 to 2022 providing an overview. The report uses qualitative approach to carry out its analysis and comes up with different possible strategies for the future of the Philippines. Out of the mentioned strategies, the study recommends thataunch a website as first step in transformations and move towards cloud-based services as middleware layer in future.

A paper about the use of ICT in the public service sector has shown that it can be an excellent enabler for efficient public services. In many countries, ICT is being used as a tool for governance and can be used to improve transparency, communication, and coordination. By implementing a framework for e-governance, military veterans can benefit from the advantages of ICT in order to ensure better service delivery. E-government is a term that refers to the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in order to improve governance across organizations. over time, e-government has become an important part of many countries' ministries and governments. Many governments are implementing ICT in order to provide more efficient services. E-government is often seen as an alternative to traditional forms of government operations. There are many benefits to using ICT in government departments including: 1) Increased transparency as all decisions made through government departments are now automatically kept track of and reported on online 2) Improved communication as online tools allow for easy collaboration between different teams 3) Improved coordination as online tools make it possible for ministries or administrations to work together more efficiently.

A study about the need for IT transformation in a technology company has been conducted. ITaaS is a management model that provides a service environment with leading cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. These platforms can hosts anons Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool which can automate certain tasks of an organization. In order to support this business driven requirement, the study has found that the company should use more cloud-based solutions and adopt ITaaS operating model. Once these reforms are implemented, the company will be able to save time, money and resources in terms ofITS modernization.

A study about the impact of entrepreneurship on the sustainability of economic systems has shown that while there are many good reasons to focus on entrepreneurship, doing so can be challenging and require a strong effort from individuals and organizations. While the prominent economists have been quite vocal in supporting the importance of entrepreneurship,global trendsuggest that the number of governments worldwide embracing sustainable bioeconomy is constantly rising. This indicates a growing trend towards implementing such transformation strategies, in part because of the work of entrepreneurs who help to drive this change. There are a number of reasons why it will be difficult for governments to embrace a sustainable bioeconomy without significant entrepreneur activity. First and foremost, many governments are still very focused on traditional economic transformations (the growth of industry and employment). This type of transformation often leads to increased environmental devastation as businesses flourish while failing to take into account environmentally friendly practices or promote renewable energy sources. In addition, traditional economic transitions typically lack a end goal or strategy for Looking Forward; they merely focus on realizing today’s gains so that future generations can continue enjoying today’s infrastructure and services. These types of transitions often.

A study about the transfer of technology from traditional government structures into an intelligent E-Government system has shown that efficiency benefits are most significant as control and communication channels between the central and local governments are improved. In an ideal future, all citizens would be able to access information at their fingertips in a concise and easy-to-use manner, reducing the need for superfluous forms and the time it takes to process petitions. The goal of this paper is to provide a case study on how a conventional government system can be converted into an intelligent E-Government model through the use of innovative system design techniques. Our analysis focused on the concept of wave 4IT, or the fourth industrial revolution in technology, which is predicted to lead to massive changes in how people live, work, and play. This TRANSFORMING WAVE OF THE fourth PERIOD OF TECHNOLOGY EXPANSION WILL LAUNCH A NEW ERA OF TRANSFORMATION IN GOVERNMENT THROUGH INSTANT COMMUNICATION AND ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGIES (Wave 4IT). redefined public service delivery channels; simplified forms; decreased attention span; less waste Abstract: In this dissertation we will explore howbtn~ governmental systems can be converted into intelligent E-gov’t systems through.

A study about governance practices in MENA region has shown that Morocco is taking various initiatives to increase transparency and governance. For example, the government has started stating goals for each ministry and revamped the Constitution to make it more open. The country also enacted a law requiring information and communication technology use by the government institutions. Jordan, Turkey, and Bahrain have all made similar efforts to increase transparency in their societies and economies. Overall, these countries arelooating tht increased digital transformation will lead to improved governance practices and improved decision-making processes.

A review about the Sri Lankan experience with e-development reveals that there is need for institutional innovations in order to help diffusion of the new information and communication technology (ICT) which can help transform developing economies into knowledge societies. The study found that there is need for a company to be set up specifically to develop the ICT capabilities of government, as well as the private sector. A large number of government agencies are still based on paper-based systems, which are not conducive to current age demands for modernity and efficiency. There also needs to be an effort made to contact hard-to-reach demographics through ICT, especially marginalized groups.

A study about the Army's transformation reveal that there are several major challenges that the Army faces as it attempts to handle its transformation. One such challenge is the need for more rapid deployment of forces and assets, which wasA study about the Army's transformation reveal that there are several major challenges that the Army faces as it attempts to handle its transition. One such challenge is the need for more rapid deployment of forces and assets, which was explored in a previous section of this report. Another issue facing the Army is the way it interacts with other services. Though The Department of Defense has created a splinter service called duplicative commands that attempt to????????????, these efforts have not been enough to addressfragmentation among services within The Department of Defense. In addition, DOD needed to create a centralized command for transgender troops before they could be fielddrafted into units; however, DOD did not sufficientlyevaluate whether or not this command was necessary before implementing it.

A paper about Danish public sector's digital organization resilience in the recent years has shown that it was a feature that helped make the country's transformation successful. The research showed that Denmark had strong identification with technology, and that digital organization capabilities were critical for success inwhatever field of endeavor they chose to engage in. This made Danish public sector institutions more resilient to shocks, such as those caused by technological advances. The country was able to successfully navigate changes in industries, along with adapting its organizational strengths to change.

A review about the digital strategy of Wallonia during the period 2015-2018 has found that the organisation is striving to improve their fragmentation, interoperability and communication capabilities in order to manage better and create a more unified smart city. though not flawless, their strategy has been successful inNUMERICALLY AMPLIFYING THE STRENGTH OF THEIR GOALS. Furthermore,their approach stresses on the importance of partnerships and collaboration in order to provide collective purpose and common goals.

A study about organizational transformation found that implementing a COO/CMD position in Federal agencies is an effective way to improve operations and manage resources. The individual has unique insights and knowledge that can help the agency execute better, while ensuring financial sustainability. The Government Accountability Office studied early-stage federally funded programs, including five in the United States that adopted a COO/CMD role as part of their organizational transformation. The program results showed increase accountability, productivity, and savings through the implementation of a COO/CMD position in these agencies - but there was also increased risk of delay and dysfunction if no General Manager was appointed for certain critical chunks of programming. The study found that a COO/CMD position can provide real-time insights into agency operations and help resolve functional conflicts. Additionally, with the right planning and leadership charged with implementing this type of change, it is possible for agencies to deliver quality services at durable cost without causing significant White House or congressional criticism.

An article about the Chinese market-oriented transformation and development of local government debt financing platforms has been conducted. The study found that the chaotic development of local government debt financing and local government finance platforms in China has caused huge risk to the overall economy. To control the risk, it is important for government to adopt certain policies which will help promote market-oriented reform in local governments.

A study about the impact of digital technologies on European oil & gas firms found that their businesses had to adapt their models, strategies and management practices in order to remain competitive. The scarcity of research on digital transformation in the energy sector led to this omission, so this paper looks at how oil & gas firms have responded to digital changes.

A paper about the transformative effects of digital government on public service delivery is this paper. While many people see digital government as a way to automate and improve the performance of public administrations, the paper reviews the transformative effects of digitalization on public service delivery through case studies. These case studies show that as governments increasingly embrace digital technologies, they often see overall improvements in communication, information access, efficiency, p Since the late 1990s there has been an increasing movement to digitize government services. In 2004, President George W. Bush sign into law The Public Broadcasting Service Act which revised and amended regulations defining the role of PBS in America. This act gave PBS more independence from government control and allowed it to provide television and radio programming as well as provide technology services such as 24/7 technical support for its programs (Krause). At first, when laws were enacted this way it looked like a resounding victory for privatization by private interests (Lorenzo). However, over time there has been a pushback from public interest groups who argue that more insight into government activity should be provided by providers rather than by the Government itself (Dowling). In recent years legislators have been stepping up to defend similar provisions in other laws (Sakuma). Although these efforts.

A paper about resilience in the city reveals that there is a continuum of capabilities that need to be overcome if resilience is to be achieved. The study revealed that there are three different types of capacities that need to be composed in order to achieve sustainable city policies and responsiveness: absorptive, adaptive, and transformative. The absorptive capacity can help it to integrate with other parts of the city, the adaptive capacity can help it to react quickly and effectively to external shocks, and the transformative capacity can help it to change its approach or strategy in order to better serve its citizens.

A study about digital Transformation in IT governancein various maturityscape. In the area of IT, digital transformation is rapidly growing and has brought change to a number of sectors within companies. The degree program I am majoring in Information Management offers students a chance to study the different aspects of this movement and how they are impacting IT governance. In this context, cobit 5, or the fifth industrial revolution in technology, is becoming increasingly influential. As digital transformation matured through cohorts 1-3, cobit 4 emerged as predominant. This preference for 4th generation technologies can be seen in many areas such as cloud computing, mobile devices and big data. Legislative changes have also impacted data-driven decisions across industries. For example, federal law now requires agencies to submit redacted data to the privacy commissioner if they possess personal information that fall within the five factors set out in the exemptions under section 2 of royal royal charterprivacy edict 2016. In order to understand how cobit 5 will impact IT governance over time it is important to divide it into four categories: system design, usage and operations, business processes and strategy,. Each category will focus on a specific aspect of Cobit 5 with an aim to provide an overview for students planning on studying it for an upcoming InfoSys.

A study about the effect of green transformational leadership on employee green creativity, its underlying mechanisms, and the conditions that govern the situation is examined in China's steel industry. The study found that undergreen creativity conditions existed, where employees feltmarginalized and their creative process wasEngaged at an arm's length from their supervisor. These condition led to employees not aspiring to exceeding the stationarity of their assigned task or category - ultimately leading to lagging sparks of invention.

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