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Digital Lock In Technique : The Studies

An article about a Continuous Wave (CW) functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) system is presented. The system is wearable, fiber-less, multi-channel (16×16, 256 channels), and expandable. This system relies on Silicon Photomultipliers Detectors and Lock-In Amplification to provide spectral data.

Digital Lock In Technique : The Studies

A study about polarimetric set-up for the ITER polarimeter has been performed. The experiment is very similar to the one for ITER that is being planned by the team at FIR. The CO2 pumped, CH3OH FIR laser was used in this study.

A study about injectionlock between two type of lasers was conducted. One was on a chip while the other was on an integrated optical device. It showed that on-chip injectionlock can provide better mutual locking characteristics than off-chip injectionlock.

A study about the potential elimination of residual amplitude modulation (ERAM) and SNR enhancement in photoacoustic spectroscopy was conducted. It was found that dual path lock-in can be used to eliminate ERAM andSNR enhancement. The dual path lock-in amplifier can demodulate gas concentration data.

An article about the effectiveness of vapor lock effect removal was conducted in endo training blocks. Manual dynamic agitation (MDAA) or passive ultrasonic irrigation (PUI) was used to clean the endocardium. The results showed that MDAA was more effective than PUI when Remove vapor lock effect from endocardium. This effect can be achieved by using a higher power and narrower aperture when drilling and dicing the endocardial tissue.

A paper about a novel probability-based logiclocking technique was conducted to modify an accused's guilt in a criminal trial. The technique is called ProbLock and uses probabilistic reasoning to fill in missing details of the crime scene. This method has the advantage of not infringing on the verdicts already reached by the jury, while also preventing data Thieves from stealing intellectual property or vulnerabilities related to security technologies.

An evaluation about a digital delay-locked loop in rayleigh channels showed that tracking of PN code can be improved by maintaining it for a long period of time and with high accuracy. By doing so, spread spectrum receivers can maintain their performance, especially when using Walsh Codes.

A journal about linearized intensity modulation for photonic analog to digital conversion using an injection-locked mode-locked laser has been presented. This has been achieved by introducing a mode-locked laser into one of the arms of a Mach-Zehnder interferometer. The linearized intensity modulation was found to be effective in providing a true linear reading from the photonic analog to digital converter.

A paper about the application of optical frequency comb laser in production engineering had recently been started. The study found that the use of the optical frequency comb laser can provide a more efficient and reliable Operation. The study found that this approach can be used to save time and money on productions.

An article about the lock-time stability of charge-pump phase-locked loops was performed to compare it with simulation results. In this study, the stability of a PLL was compared at different operation conditions. It was found that the lock-time stability varied depending on the operating conditions, but it Generally improved with increasing operating frequency. This study provides an innovative approach to verifying lock-time stability in PLLs.

A study about the stability of laser injection-locking (IL) is proposed. The study finds that the principle of side-mode suppression ratio (SMSR) can be used to monitor the state of IL. The study was carried out on a photonics experiment using a Fabry-Pérot laser. It was found that using SMSR helps to identify the stable IL state.

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