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Digital Sound Level Meter : The Studies

A journal about noise levels in hospitals showed that a noisy environment can adversely affect patients. The study found that a noisy environment can make it difficult for patients to recover from a serious illness or surgical procedure. The study also found that noise levels in hospitals are often high and can be cause health problems for those who are working in them.

Digital Sound Level Meter : The Studies

A paper about noise assessment in a gas liquefaction environment was conducted in the Niger Delta, Nigeria. The study involved testing various noise sources and characteristics of these sources to see if their impact on the production process could be determined. The study found that with proper sound design, small sound levels (<30 dB), Beluga whales and oil spills can be successfully excluded from producing certain gases while large noise levels (>60 dB) can cause significant fallout and hearth erosion.

A journal about how sustainable planning approach can be used in order to manage road traffic noise pollution in cities. Cities are constantly increasing in size and population. In addition, motorization has made it easier for people to move around the city. As a result, environmental challenges for cities have become more common. Therefore, it is important for city planners to think about how they can improve the built environment of cities in order to resolve these challenges. One way that city planners can try to address environmental issues is through responsible spatial planning. This allows for future development trends so that they are orderly and compatible with the surroundings. By using a responsible spatial Planning Approach, city planners can help clean up gases created by the motorized sector and reduce noise pollution. The Role of Spatial Planning in Reducing Road Traffic Noise Pollution: A Resort Area Perspective.

A paper about the spatialized noise emitted by agricultural machines in rural areas was conducted. It found that the spatialization of noise is a key factor in its harmfulness to workers. Therefore, it will be important for manufacturers and users of agricultural equipment to take into account this when designing and manufacturing them.

An article about environmental traffic noise pollution in the local government area of Delta State, Nigeria was conducted using a well calibrated portable digital sound level meter. The sound level meterherence was excellent and measured the levels of traffic noise in a clear and concise manner. Overall, the study found that environment traffic noise pollution is high in this locality with tones reaching 126 dB(A) at a distance of 33 m from the source.

A study about the noise level at a Wheat Processing Factory in Ilorin, Nigeria found that the mill produces significant ambient noise levels that can cause adverse effects on workers and the general public. The study found that the moderate to high noise levels can occasion discomfort, fatigue, and annoyance to workers. The study also noted that even though there are technological measures in place to reduce or mitigate the noise levels, some employees feel that the noise level remains too loud.

An inquiry about the acoustic quality of indoor spaces was conducted using a wireless data logger instrument. This study is based on the parameters of sound pressure level and reverberation time. The acoustic quality was found to be good, especially for cavernous spaces.

An article about the level of noise pollution in the Municipality of Port-Harcourt City Rivers State, Nigeria was conducted using IEC651 digital sound level meter. The score exceeded the international permissible limit of 65 dB (A) while some commercial areas had levels that exceeded 100 dB (A).

A paper about the noise level on wards in Iringa regional hospital found that it was high and there were complaints from patients and doctors. The study found that the sounds of radios, revelers, music and laughter could be heard easily. Additionally, it was noted that the noise level made it difficult for patients to have a good doctor-patient relationship and to learn medical information.

A study about automated washing machines (MBomWM) has shown shower noise levels to be significantly higher than those in traditional washing machines. This is likely due to the vibrations created by the washing machine itself and the associated noise handling system.

A journal about fences as noise barriers was conducted in Cairo, Egypt. It was found that fences are a significant noise barrier for individuals living in certain areas of the city. Streets and public areas are especially dangerous to pedestrians due to the high number of vehicles and sound transmission from buildings.

An inquiry about the sound levels in seven restaurants at Morogoro municipality was done. The ambient noise levels were measured twice a day, thrice a week for a period of two months. All the restaurantsÂ’ noise levels were found to be too high for comfort, especially during evening hours. The highest sound level was found at the restaurant with the most customers.

A study about the spatial variability of noise levels inside two commercial poultry housing with different adiabatic evaporative cooling systems was conducted. The study found that the noise level inside the two poultry housing had significant differences, during the life cycle of birds. The noise level in one poultry housing tended to be lower then in the other, meaning that during cooler days, there was more lead time for birds to experience high noise levels due to the increased moisture content.

A study about the subjective effects of reading at different intensities levels was conducted by using self-ratings of voices. It was found that although the duration of oral reading did not affect voice, the repeated reading at a high intensity level weakened the voice muscles and tissues.

A study about the level of vibration and noise on vibrating screen crusher FC 02 at PT. MIFA Bersaudara was conducted. It was found that the level of vibration and noise were moderate on the equipment vibrating screen crusher FC 02 at PT. MIFA Bersaudara. This was due to the fact that the equipment is equipped with a high quality vibrating screen.

A paper about the noise levels in a wheat processing factory in Ilorin, Nigeria has revealed that the noise level can be quite high and can cause adverse effects on workers and the general public. This study was conducted to assess the noise level at this mill and found that it had significant levels of sound which can have negative effects on people and the environment.

A study about the level of noise in Siddharthanagar Municipality found that it is undesirable for human hearing, measuring it at selected locations. This study found that the level of noise is very high in this municipality, making it difficult to live with out fear ofirens or alarms going off.

A review about the noise levels at a cement factory in Tanga, Tanzania found that the noise levels were high. The study found that the noise levels varied according to production sections and were high in the female workers.

A study about sound pollution along Oba-Adesida – Oyemekun Road was recently conducted. The study found that noise levels along the road are high.

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