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Internet Finance Impact On Commercial Banks : The Studies

A journal about the history and development of internet finance and its Countermeasures of Commercial Banks in China is being conducted by the bank. The countermeasure for the commercial banks are based on technology advances and how the traditional banks can benefit from them. Internet finance has brought about a new era in which lending can be done through computers and smartphones, which has created opportunities for small business to get behind the scenes access to credit. The study also shows that with stricter regulations from the central bank and legislature, there is potential for more innovative ways to emerge from market forces as well.

Internet Finance Impact On Commercial Banks : The Studies

A study about the impact of electronic banking on the performance of commercial banks in Kenya yielded mixed results. Some argued that the technology has made banking noticeably easier and more affordable, while others said it has had little impact on business efficiency or lending standards. However, given the relatively small sample size and limited data set, it is hard to make unambiguous statements about the overall effects of electronic banking on banks’ performance in Kenya.

An article about the effect of innovation efficiency on Chinese commercial banks was conducted using the DEA-Malmquist index-based approach. The study found that most of the Chinese commercial banks have invested a lot of money in the new information technology. Particularly, investment in mobile banking and cloud computing has led to increased innovation efficiency. Consequently, this has lead to an increase in the number of novel products and services offered by Chinese commercial banks.

A study about the impact of Internet and social media presence on the market power of small, local banks in Poland finds that they trended later to adopt new distribution and communication channels than their larger counterparts. By adopting new channels and distributing their products more thinly, these banks were able to tap into a wider pool of customers and promotion strategies. Consequently, through the use of social media and other platforms, small banks were able to capture a greater share of the market for financial services in Poland.

A study about the impact of digital payment on efficiency and productivity of commercial banks in China has shown that the widespread adoption of digital payment has led to a significant increase in the efficiency and productivity of commercial banks. In addition, the study showed that the addition of digital payment services into commercial banks' existing business models has allowed them to increase.

An evaluation about the performance of Nordic commercial banks that employs FinTech shows that their performance has improved in the past few years. In the study, FinTech was enabled in a number of operations within banks. The study found that the use of FinTech has made it easier for banks to improve their customer service, process transactions and process loans faster. Overall, commercial banks conducting thestudy found that FinTech has improved the efficiency and throughput of their operations.

An evaluation about the credit crunch has shown that the impact it has on business and jobs is actually quite significant. The rush to borrow money to cover spending and increase profits has created a lot of debt, which makes it difficult for businesses to pay back that debt. This in turn has caused banks to lose money, which in turn has made it difficult for businesses to get new loans. In addition, companies have had difficulty keeping up with wage increases and cost-of-living increases that have become required by law. As a result, businesses have been forced to laid off or see their prices go up.

An article about the influence of e- banking quality factors on customer loyalty was conducted. The study analyzed the data from a past study and looked into how different e- banking quality factors affect customer loyalty. It found that the better the online banking, the more customers Loyalty to their banks will be. Therefore, if banks dream of becoming "modernized" by providing innovative online services, they need to provide high-quality online banking in order to attract and keep loyal customers.

A study about loyalty has been conducted to evaluate the influence of e-banks on customer loyalty. The study found that banks had become more innovative and dynamic in their services to clients, which resulted in a decrease in customer satisfaction rates. In addition, the study found that online banking had become more popular, which impacted customer loyaltyitability.

A study about the role of shadow banking in financial tightening cycles finds that this “shadow banking channel” offset reductions in commercial bank deposits and dampens the impact of monetary policy. By using a structural model, this study found that during these tight cycles shadow banks create more money than Commercial Banks.

An analysis about the effect of different factors on the internet financial reporting of banks in Indonesia has been conducted. The study has focused on the influence of bank profits, leverage, likuiditas and other factors on internet financial reporting. The study has a descriptive tone to it so that readers can better understand the impact of these factors on the web ratings, bankruptcy rates, and other financial indicators for banks in Indonesia.

An evaluation about the effects of financial innovations onefficiency of savings and credit cooperative organizations in Meru County was conducted. The study showed that, as a result of new financial innovations, the saving and credit cooperative organizations have been struggling and their efficiency has decreased. This has had a negative effect on the overall functioning of the organizations and their sustainability.

A paper about the effect of mobile banking and bank account Islamic deposit in Indonesia has found that mobile banking is more helpful forConsidering the variety of services offered by banks and the benefits it provides, as well as the importance of these services in market, it is clear that mobile banking is a very useful tool for business owners. In addition, this technology has been cited as being very efficient for reducing operating costs.

A review about the impact of globalization on business cycle synchronization found that banks have increased their international exposure, increasing the potential for a Fiscal Crisis. According to the study, this increase in international exposure has had a significant negative impact on the synchronization of economic activity and financial stability. The study also found that the increased use of global finance assets has led to a rise in debt levels and a weakening of the money market sector, which led to an increase in defaults and operating insolvencies. This has resulted in output losses for companies within Peru, as well as global economic recession.

An evaluation about Zimbabwe's current account deficit has shown that despite narrowing somewhat in recent years, the deficit remains much larger than those of comparable countries in most economic sectors. The country's strong performance in export-dominated industries is also weakening its resistance to outsideoneywarding and accompanying increased spending on imports.

A journal about credit based on big data analysis has been conducted. The study found that credit cards and other ways of borrowing money are becoming more popular because of the modernization of the internet. This study showed that there is a high demand for credit based on big data analysis.By analyzing user behavior and other information, banks can create better credit offers and increase profits.

A paper about the relationships between satisfaction, trust and loyalty in electronic banking revealed that these variables play a significant role in customer Satisfaction. Customers who are satisfied with their service feel more likely to recommend it to others, while those who are not satisfied tend to be less likely to recommend it. Additionally, customers who feel loyal to their organization feel more likely to recommend it to others. It can be approximately said that organizations that maintain a good relationship with their customers tend to have a larger customer base and enjoy a higher average level of satisfaction.

An inquiry about African countries' financial inclusion and per capita income found that for higher per capita income countries, there was asignificant increase in the percentage of people who had access to financial institutions and a significant decrease in the percentage of people who were not able to access them. These findings suggest that for countries with higher per capita incomes, there is a louder demand for institutional access to protect borrowers from peer lenders as well as investors.

A journal about the vulnerability of the Internet shows that users are revealing their personal information to big business and individual predators without any sense of compensation. The study also revealsStanford professor's concerns about how the current state of e-commerce is harming individual privacy.

A paper about the progress of Mozambique since the end of its war for independence was launched in 1992 and it has held up marvelously. The country has experienced impressive economic growth, re-establishment of meaningful political pluralism, and emergence as an example of successful post-conflict Reconstruction and Development. Mozambique's progress was helped in part by a Strongwicke Plan which provided billions of dollars in assistance. The program targeted a number of sectors such as infrastructure, education, health, agricultural producers, and social welfare. Additionally, the country received technical and financial assistance from the European Union and other donors. In addition to this support system, some semi-official independent media outlets have resumed operations since the end of the conflict while others remain shuttered or only receive limited coverage.

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